This Is The Hunt

by Nissa Nishikawa


An Olfactive Diary
/ from
DEC.01 — 31 / 2013

The Smell
/ woody. marine. humus.
(carrot leafy green tops, humus ether - a captive Takasago molecule, smoky poppy accord)
BY. Antoine Lie — Takasago / 2013

„I was stuck instantly by Nissa’s Folie olfactive diary and works. I wanted to recreate the scent of humus, having the feeling of this cold and wet forest soil surrounded by hazy fog. I wanted to also express the divinatory character of her work, a kind of mystery, of instinctive & primal knowledge of the elements. I then worked around a captive molecule from Takasago called Humus Ether that has the scent of humid earth then I added a green facet to it to accentuate this raw evocation and reflect the intelligence of nature and cosmogony. - Antoine Lie, Takasago (December, 2013)


Nissa Nishikawa

Nissa Nishikawa