Random Thoughts

by Olaf Breuning


A Personal Diary,
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NOV.01 — 29 / 2013
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The Smell
/ woody. floral. green.
(cut grass, verbena, incense)
BY. Antoine Lie — Takasago / 2013

„In Breuning's Folie olfactive journal and perfume profile, he gives some very precise olfactive references: he likes nature and smells that are fresh and pure, and speaks about his gravitation towards citrus woody fragrances. His drawings inspired me to take a direction that was infused with his sense of humor and the absurd, exploring the more primal shared drives, the “décalage” inherent to his work. I wanted to compose an experience of contrast, a top with airy light herbal citrus and verbena with a nervous woody base. To create an even deeper feeling of contrast and an element of surprise, I wrapped it with a dark veil of incense. - Antoine Lie, Takasago (November, 2013)


Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning