Pulling Down From The Ephemeral

by Brooke Stamp


A Personal Diary,
/ from
SEP.01 — 29 / 2014
/ to

The Smell
/ woody. spicy. musky.
(rosin, cypress wood, pine sap, warm skin accord)
BY. Jerome Di Marino — Takasago / 2014

„I got inspired by her background as a dancer, by her images of graceful body gestures captured in her work.I imagined a fragrance around Rosin, the substance that dancers use on their ballet shoes, that smells of turpentine, resin, wood, dust, musk. I imagined light musky notes with a spicy facet of a warm skin accord, I went further in the evocation of an atmospheric dance. For the dry down I stretched the scent using Cypress wood and Pine sap… You can then smell a tension between the tangibility of the body, of what is grounded to the floor, with a spiritual... almost cosmos energy. - Jerome Di Marino, Takasago (June, 2014)