Non-Essential Oils
Toilet Paper vs Eau De Toilette

By Kaya


Dear Friends,

The world is at a stand still, so we must stand still; with play suspended, you pause; with time frozen, you reflect; and with new space opened you expand, hopefully — into a new self. COVID19 has revealed so many cracks in our society, but these cracks are needed to facilitate light.

My thoughts are with those in the medical profession; those that have lost a loved one; those ill; those struggling with financial challenges, and all the small businesses; my niche perfume contemporaries, artists, vendors, collaborators, friends — all launched into place of uncertainty.

Over the years the perfume industry has failed to expand our lens in which to see fragrance, thus limiting the possibilities for a deeper integration of scent within our everyday life. In disasters we default back to essentials. We desire services and products that hold real meaning, and that facilitate connection, comfort and happiness. All of the products that we use to consume are now substituted with things that enhance the quality of our daily experience. This is human nature. In times of crisis we summon the primordial instincts for survival, yet we neglect the primordial sense of smell — our original source of survival.

In modern culture fragrances are trivialized and seen as frivolous; a perception that reduces fragrance to something you only wear when engaging in a social activity, so it becomes non-essential in a time of social distance. Why wear a fragrance if you are not meeting anyone or going anywhere? This is because scent is still considered a mere commodity, despite several decades of evolution in the perfume industry. Perfumeries have only reinforced the misconception that a perfume's primary use is that of attraction and desire, rather than presented as an element that can be used for healing, and potentially resolve inner conflicts within ourselves.

Together we needs to reexamine the societal bias that form and inform contemporary engagements with fragrance. Now is the time to employ the medium of scent to mend divisions within the psyche and heal feelings of isolation, fear, confusion, and disconnection.

Over the next few weeks we will release a new body of content and olfactive forms on our webshop that aim to reframe this societal bias. I hope in doing so we will unlock new ways for audiences to perceive and use scent during these challenging times.

In this shared madness at least we are connected. I deeply wish you all safety and well-being, as we navigate these times together. Stay positive, be strong and smell you on the other side.

Founder, Creative Director
Folie À Plusieurs