An Impression Of
As·phyx·io Philia

by Cornelia


»The smell of a postcoital scene. The skin is moist, your mouth feels dry and tastes leathery-sweet. Still in the maze and slightly out of breath from the heat of arousal a moment ago.«
- Cornelia Thonhuaser

About im·pres·sions
Instead of imposing an image for a perfume on our creative audience, we’ve asked them to share their own interpretation of the fragrance; through video, image and audio. We believe these submissions are the most honest and accurate representations for these fragrances, because they come out of real connection and interaction with the fragrance. Rather than experiencing the fragrance through the lens of FOLIE's visual communications these images and stories unfold through the users own personal experience. Our audience become authors in both the olfactive and visual narrative. This project is a digital introduction to the launch of our FOLIE olfactive print publication on contemporary scent culture.

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